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LightMe Supports Hospitality Action


LightMe Supports Hospitality Action

We are pleased to be supporting a fantastic charity through the sale of LightMe products. For a number of years we have relied on the support of the hospitality industry and thought it was only natural so give back. As a business, we have a mission to support global projects with the sale of our products. Liquid candles are used all over the industry from hotels to restaurants and as part of our commitment, we will be providing information to those who really need it. 

Why Hospitality Action?

Hospitality Action is the trade charity offering a crucial lifeline to people of all ages, working and retired, from the hospitality industry. Whether they are approached by a chef, housekeeper, school cook or bar staff, Hospitality Action will endeavour to support, whatever the difficulty.

The charity’s beneficiaries come from all walks of life and from all areas of the hospitality industry across the UK. They face serious difficulties on a daily basis: from life-changing illness and poverty to bereavement and homelessness. Sometimes all it takes is a very small change in circumstances to tip the balance and turn a manageable situation into an unmanageable one.

With the help of the industry, Hospitality Action want to make sure that when that happens, they are always there to lend support.

In addition to their established grants programme Hospitality Action also offer help to students via their Alcohol and Drug Awareness seminars and run an extremely popular befriending scheme for industry retirees and days out for families in need. The charity also provides expert advice, support and assistance through their rapidly growing Employee Assistance Programme.

Last Year:

·         £668,621 was spent supporting 2,037 people in need

·         84% of those helped were below the age of 60

·         100,000 employees from 135 companies were able to access expert help, support and assistance 24/7 365 days a year via our Employee Assistance Programme

·         7,288 students were reached at 177 college sessions via their Alcohol and Drug Awareness seminars

·         1,285 Golden Friends benefited from the charity’s contact