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£65 Package

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What is in my Gift box? 

You will be giving the receiver of this gift a once in a life time opportunity. They will be the first in the world to enjoy our new fragrance system using LightMe candles and the new fragrance rings. 

Once complete, we will inform you or your gift receiver their new fragrances are ready. When this happens, their will be a choice of the following: 

  1. Choice of 9 x 8-10 hour fragrance rings which can be a mix or just one of our unique fragrances.
  2. Choice of 3 LightMe Lamp from our home living range.
  3. 3 x 35-40 Burn time LightMe Bio Oil Candle

This will be delivered in a beautiful presentation box with a message from our team and the story of the fragrances they have chosen

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